Smile Tribe Story 1 (Unedited/Currently Being Edited)

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Hello, this is Jacob from Smile Tribe. This is just a preamble to this draft. This is not the final version, I just wanted to get this out there into the public so I can garner any interest. I think there's some really cool ideas here and I think it's worth examining to and I'm very excited to share Smile Tribe Story One.

Backstory/Brief Lore/setting

Our story takes place 200 years or so after the War of Tyrants. Smile Tribe is a group of Historians travelling the planet Earth, trying to uncover lost information that predates the war of Tyrants. War has been extinguished on the planet Earth, but is beginning to resurface. Digitals have evolved and become autonomous, and are connected by a global network referred to as the EMBRYO system.

Chapter 1 : Desolate City (Where Smile Tribe's Journey Begins)

Prince of Vibrance and Xavier Ghost are traveling through Desolate City and here they meet Kid Savage and Aman Anonymous. Aman had just finished traveling from a nearby Shadow Operative camp in the mountains to the east of the city. Aman was talking with other shadow operatives about how the Digitals had transformed and terraformed the city. Aman said the Shadow Operative Congress at that outpost had decided to infiltrate the city and begin establishing outposts within the city to try and prevent the Digitals from completely transforming the human-made structures that remain there.

Chapter 2 : Bringing Data to Embryo

Prince of Vibrance and Xavier Ghost approach an EMBRYO terminal. They had just collected data from what appears to have been a museum. As they approach the EMBRYO terminal, a voice welcomes them saying,

"Welcome Prince of Vibrance and Xavier Ghost, EMBRYO is now online. Please insert data"

so Vibrant approaches the terminal and he inserts an object into the 3D scanning bay. Embryo vocalizes analyzing new data. And as this is happening on a computer monitor or through Vibrant's virtual reality headset, he could see that embryo was displaying a 3D rendering of the object. So Amon Anonymous is sitting amongst the Congress of his Drive of Shadow Operatives. The Elder Operative approaches the fire which every other operative is standing around waiting for their instruction. Elder Kaibao Young began to speak. He says, My fellow operatives, we are facing the total disintegration of our world. I now believe it have been a mistake to have adopted even human technology for it has taken us further from our true lives. Upon this realization is now my belief and recommendation that we as shadow operatives reform and disband as a militant unit and integrate ourselves back into the world of digital and other humans. Elder Kaibao Young Operative Dao began to interrupt but Elder Kaibao Young quickly motioned to be silent and then said let me finish young operative. I know this path we have taken has brought us here and that it has been with victory and struggle. I believe now that there is more to life than fighting against the Digitals. There may be value in finding a middle ground in which we not just humans but we as Digitals, as hybrids, as biological life forms begin to build towards the promise of the book that we begin to build towards Eden and with that said I now open this floor for discussion and with that Elder Kaibao Young stepped back from the fire. Moderator Vida's step forward and says who now do you elect to represent your views? And with that all the operatives turned down and engaged their augmented reality headsets and opened up the voting terminal. A sound of grasshoppers of nocturnal animals brushing through the leaves and the trees. Moderator Vida says I have now tallied the votes and you have elected operative Quran to represent the opposition to Elder Kaibao Young's suggestions. You have also elected operative Upanishads to represent you in favor of Elder Kaibao Young's suggestions. Operative Quran you have the first opportunity to speak and with that operative Quran stood steps towards the fire and begins by saying my fellow operatives. I may be young but I have been cultivated within our traditions and our rituals. I have grown accustomed to our technology and my life is dedicated to preserving our right to self-autonomy, our right to being purely biological beings, our right to use technology but not integrated into our bodies. I hear the position of Elder Kaibao Young I know that the pain of losing one of our operatives in the field either to the dangers of the environment or to operatives rejoining and leaving our community for other communities. But I believe that this is not justifying that we as a whole group should disband and abandon our traditions and values. We know that this utopian idealism of the digitals and hybrids and most other humans cannot last forever and that when their world falls back apart that we will have to be the ones to help them and guide them through the troubles. We all took an oath to be sworn to the shadows to remain invisible to the digital world yet live amongst it. Privacy has not been easy to maintain and even privacy and this new paradigm has had its own price to pay but it is not without its rewards of being a family, of being tight-knit, of being here with one another and using technology in a manner that holds us close yet never too far. And with that I close my case. The moderator steps forward as Koran steps back. Operative Upanishads will now speak in favor of elder Qibalyan suggestions. Upanishads steps forward as the moderator steps back from the fire. My fellow operatives, as the youngest amongst you it would seem unlikely that I would be the one to relate so closely with elder Qibalyan. Koran spoke of maintaining our privacy and the price that we must pay to do so in this new world. From where we stand we perceive a unified world around us. The Digitals and Hybrids and most of the other humans have become a unified mass that are working together towards towards Eden. We in a sense along Dante's divine comedy have been imperatory where we recognize the sins of our past and are aware of our shortcomings but have not yet felt the purifying grace of paradise on earth. I believe that there is more to see from within this unified mass than from being separated from it. I know we speak of using technology not to augment or to enhance our physical bodies but we use technology in a manner that is no different than how Digitals or Hybrids utilize their bodies, their vessels. Our only difference is in the language that we utilize and from our language and concepts we divide ourselves from the truth. I believe that we as a people can upload our knowledge, our data, our ideals, our values, our traditions into the embryo system so that what we have learned is not lost but is maintained by the collective consciousness. I think that there is more to be said from within this unified body than there is separate from it. We seek to be shepherds but we seek to leave the flock from outside. We believe that one day the boundaries that can find this unified body will dissolve and leave many stragglers, will leave many victims in need of saving and help and rescue. My question to you is that even if that day does come are we only to perpetuate the cycle of waiting for Utopia to dissolve and disband and recruit more and more towards our ranks? We come from a long line of military and inclined peoples and I believe that if we followed this pathway again that we would build this Utopia. We would put weapons into the arms of every man, woman and child and digital and hybrid machine that we came across and the war of tyrants would begin again. A voice streaked from the audience of operatives saying you blaspheme, the war of tyrants will never happen again. The Digitals would never allow it. Operative Upanishads, recanted, retorted, you say this as if the Digitals are divine beings but we know as well as any that they have blind spots and that if these weaknesses are exploited properly and for long enough that we could destroy the entire system that their entire world would dissolve and then it would mainly just be a biological dominant world again. I know that this is what some of you want. We have had many discussions over this topic around this very fire but I would implore you to look with a new light just as this fire itself is new utilizing wood and trees that are yet unspent by the fire's breath. Find the purpose, the meaning that Digitals and hybrids and most other humans have been holding on to. It is not death and separation. They are building towards unity and peace and life. We are the inheritors of our ideals but that also means that we are the ones who pass along our ideals and we do not have to pass on ideals that we fully evil damage and harm our children, their children and their grandchildren and beyond. There may come a day where the shadow operatives are needed again in this world to guide people through problems that may arise but we as a people are just like to forget our purpose and our meaning through the transmission of information from generation to generation as we are is if we transmitted that information to the embryo system and then relearned it from the embryo system at a later point in time. And with that I close my argument. Upon the shot it steps back from the fire and the sound of the fire crackling is like a raging storm and the ears of each operative. Unbeknownst to the operatives a few digitals were witnessed to this moment. The thin ideals that the shadow operatives held had already been bypassed and seen through by the digital world. The digitals viewed the shadow operatives as potential allies but were also aware that the shadow operatives wanted to maintain autonomy and hold on to their traditions and ideals. The digitals outside on the outskirts of shadow operative encampments had slowly begun to terraform and alter the environment. The shadow operatives would be wholly unaware of this change and alteration and that the digitals had so encompassed the earth and have had at least 200 years that the change of the time, the amount of time it took to change the environment has been occurring at a rate that to most humans would be unnoticed or would appear to be environmentally caused. But the digitals had begun terraforming the world in a way that would help humans even the most isolate and separated communities. So Prince of Vibrance and Xavier Ghost Xavier are traveling alongside a farm. It appears to be corn growing alongside flowers surrounded by trees with a few beehives and apiaries nearby. Xavier turns to Vibrance and says my data logs reveal that humans before and during the post the war of tyrants were constantly growing monoculture crops while destroying and deforesting other plants Vibrance supplies they had good reason to at that point at least I thought they did they were trying to sustain growing populations the only way they knew how to of humans I think this path is sustainable though so polyculture farming agriculture if you think about it plants aren't just the plant a lot of plants need pollinators the transfer pollen from the female to the male flowers so that the plants can reproduce and actually produce fruit which is normally what humans consume when they're eating food is the fruit of plants Xavier stopped and looked at the field and says looking between my logs and my scanner readings now it appears that these fields have a higher concentration of biodiversity then were recorded before and during the post the war of tyrants there seems to be a large concentration of biode biological entities here and there are traces of digital entities but for the most part they are micro scale and there's only a few animal sized digital nearby vibrance says what are the animal sized digital working on Xavier retorts let me ask them Xavier went to a slight trance at least that's how it appeared of vibrance to communicate with the nearby digitals Xavier snaps out of the trance and says it looks like one of them is collecting harmful fauna and flora from this area to be transported to the environment which better suit them and would do less harm and another one is taking water and applying it to areas that are susceptible to drought if you look closely you can see it near the edge of the tree line spraying water on individual plants and making sure that each one gets enough water to sustain it for the day or for a week or at least until the next rainfall so vibrance looks towards the tree line and a thought crosses his mind to vibrance it appears that the digital world was in part largely constructed by humans at least in the initial periods and that that alignment towards human interest has evolved beyond human imagination well maybe not beyond imagination but it it grows and it evolves at a rate which humans may not be able to appreciate Xavier interrupts vibrance thought by saying I sense what you are thinking the rate of evolution of digitals is occurring each day each digital is capable of iterating thousands of times if not millions within a single day the main constraint of digital and biological evolution used to be transforming the material world and the material body to align with the mind or the imagination of the entity but since humans and digitals explored mapped out colonized and developed the sub-particle world of quarks there has been no limitation to the ability to transform digital bodies and hybrid bodies at the will of the entity vibrance looks at Xavier and says I think this is the blessing and the curse of the biological world now is that while we are constrained and defined by our current body that we also leverage our defined body to alter the world external from us and also use the external world to leverage and change our internal worlds vibrance is walking with Xavier and they turn a corner and find themselves face-to-face with a titan Xavier says the sound of quadrillion nanobots moving in perfect harmony with one another is even almost too much for my sensors to bear vibrance looked at Xavier says I've been in this position many times and thoroughly believe that meditation has allowed me to to be here and experience this sound without crumbling from the impact it has on my nerves the titan was reconfiguring itself moving each nanobot to form a shape that vibrance and Xavier would be able to understand and thus the titan spoke welcome young travelers you have seen many things and gone many places dance with many machines and and are mangled with many humans come forth and tell me what it is you wish to know vibrance and Xavier exchanged a look towards each other communicating a subtle unease vibrance raises eyebrows as if to tell Xavier that it should be being Xavier to go forth so Xavier walks forward then a sound of digital communications codes and binary rising and pitch until it was completely inaudible to vibrance and vibrance inferred for a moment that they were perhaps discussing how best to communicate in a way that all present parties would be able to understand and comprehend and with that Xavier stepped back and began speaking fair and honorable title titan shimmering river shimmering river I vibrance I Xavier and vibrance come forth from the kingdom of vibrance I as the vessel of knowledge and vibrance as the voice and pause of our kingdom we are on a quest looking for data and regards to a long forgotten aspect of humanity we believe this data was lost during the war of titans tyrants and ask for your assistance and pointing us in the right direction the titan spoke and what thread are you trying to find Xavier spoke we are trying to find the thread that led humanity into the stars the titan made a terribly metallic sound of enermingled electronic bees and metal clashing softly and made a shape with its form that indicated it was amused even perhaps laughing the titan said ah I know this thread for which you seek and I may even yet know more of the grand design from which this thread is but one single strand part of your quest must take you to find an old transmission tower from which you must send the correct code to the correct location another part of your quest is finding where this information may be that part of the thread I am not so certain of my suggestion would be to access the embryo system and search for the terms galactic reach Xavier makes a soft hum and a slight squeak and then a high pitched ding indicating that this idea resonates within him the titan spoke did you have any other information from what you need with this vibrant steps forward and says yes titan shimmering river the reason which we are looking for this information is that we believe that humanity left this planet and that there still may be remnants or colonies from which we have been separated from and with this we would require we would ask that you provide us any information you know and with this the titan formed a contemplative shape and the bright sky seemed to darken as the titan began to eliminate and geometric fractals the titan spoke for this I would require for you both to enter my inner chamber and with that the titan formed an archway and vibrance and Xavier stepped forward into the chamber and as they did the titan reformed the seal this inner room with walls of nano machines was softly illuminated and the titan formed a humanoid shape within the wall the titan spoke I have formed a fairy-day cage around us so that listening ears and sensors may be unable to understand what I'm about to tell you now there is a story perhaps more than a story for this built upon the knowledge that humans accumulated on their own prior to the digital tendency this base of knowledge indicates many things it points to the idea or the possibility that within this solar system there are other colonies of humans primarily on earth's moon luna on the planet of mars on kanamead and colonies within the asteroid belts in a few space stations which are independent of planetary bodies vibrance says how is it then if they are still out there that we have not heard from them the titan replied prior to the war of tyrants there was conflict but stable conflict in which most nations were friendly enough and diplomatic with each other this allowed for communication to occur between nations here on this planet and to also allow for the communication between planets and extra planetary bodies there is more to this than I believe you may realize and I think it may be my place now to reveal some more of this information to you as a human and you may be one of the first humans to realize this information since the end of the post of the war of tyrants are you familiar with the united nations and what their purpose was meant to be prior to the war of tyrants vibrance replied they were meant to be a federated state of a global government meant to promote the diplomatic channels between all member states the titan spoke in part that is true or I should say that is a good portion of what they did but the united nations did not stop federating on a global scale they sought to continue their mission towards federating on an inter-solar system scale vibrance said an inter-planetary federation shimmering rivers replied that is correct now this in itself may already be a lot of information to comprehend but we're still only halfway up the mountain so to speak so now I'll keep it localized with the inter-planetary government scale during or I should say before the war of tyrants the government I should say the united planets or the united solar system were in relative harmony with one another with all off-planet all colonies on other planets other than earth choosing not to militarize their populations and only producing weapons that would destroy incoming meteors but that would be utterly useless against other planets or other populations so between scattered communications that I have seen or collected in regards to the united planets at the time of the war of tyrants is that the united planets had come together and voted on a global ceasefire but the planet earth continued an open warfare across the planet and that is the world we've inherited but failing to have brought peace to earth the united planets voted then to cease all communications with earth and to establish an observatory period in which the united planets would largely allow earth to continue along its course and would give it a period of time to rebuild itself and see if they would again choose to follow the path of war or if they would turn towards peace this is where we are now where new humans are again beginning to organize and rebuild systems and heritage from old worlds you seem to be collecting information but other humans seem to be collecting weapons and instruments of war vibrant says we are aware of these factions they are still small the titan says they are still small but they are still here and this may prevent the united planets from sending communications back to earth so We are approaching the summit point. There is one last thing you should be aware of. The United Planets are not the highest system of governance in this galaxy. Vibrant says, what do you mean? The Titan says, There is a duality of systems that has expanded further beyond your planet and your solar system. This duality of federated states juxtaposed against the ideals of tyranny states. States of the centralized command and power contrasted with states of isometric and singular power. You have congressional, senatorial, democratic and republican ideals stacked against the ideals of monarchies and god emperors. On planet earth, tyrants were able to push civilization over the edge and engage in more fair and upset back civilization thousands of years. But there are other systems in this galaxy where federations have succeeded and have ascended the ideals of warfare and tyranny. Vibrant says, so how many solar systems in this galaxy have been colonized and have life forms on them? Shimmering River spoke. I would say as many solar systems back in sustained life and even beyond that for those who have adopted digital life forms, adopted and involved into machines that transcend biological needs. I would say as many solar systems back in sustained life have been colonized and have life forms on them. Vibrance took a long time to ponder this. Xavier and the Titan had been constantly communicating, transferring data files, information, coordinates, ideas, thoughts, memories. Vibrance finally awoke from his meditative state. Is there evidence that this galactic governance, this galactic federation has been in contact with our solar system? Shimmering River spoke. There is evidence that the galactic reach, which is the same. Yes, this is how. This is the name that was presented prior to the war of tyrants. There was a communication sent extending the hand for the United Planets to join the galactic reach. There is strong evidence that this is also what pushed humanity over the edge on planet Earth. Tyrants were belling wholly against the idea of joining an ever growing level of federation, a hierarchy of federated unity. Vibrance said, instead of joining and becoming a peaceful member of the galactic community, the tyrants of this planet decided to burn everything down. Shimmering River replied. That seems to be what happened. One of the last delegations and debates within the United Nations was over the topic of whether to join or to remain isolated. It seems that a majority of planets were pointing towards joining, but there had been major nations which had been co-opted by power hungry individuals. They chose to continue down the path towards war and took most of humanity with them. Human populations are only now returning to the levels that they were prior to the war of tyrants. We both know that digital populations have grown exponentially and that this has its own effects on the ecosystem. But this world is largely different than it was prior to the war of tyrants. And far more isolated than was ever intended by most humans, most digitals here and beyond this world. I believe it's time for you to take your leave, young human, young machine. You have climbed a grand mountain and I believe you should take time to reflect upon what you have learned today. Fibrants and Xavier both looked around them, spoke. Thank you. Thank you for your time, for this information. And with that, the tyrant unsealed and transformed the door. Vibrants and Xavier both walked down and returned to the bright sunny street. Prince of Vibrants is on his own, surrounded by trees and here's Bird singing. His eyes focused on a small butterfly flying through flower to flower. Just beyond the tree line is a field. In that field are hundreds of digitals. They are reclaiming this area and cleaning it up, removing debris. The digitals were just about ten feet away from a massive collection of metal and ceramics. And Vibrant says, embryo, is that machine match any records in the database? Vibrants' glasses chirped and replied, just one moment. So they both sat there for a moment. The glasses replied, it seems that this machine was an M1 Abrams main battle tank. Vibrant asks, is there any information on what this specific tank was doing here? The glasses chirped and replied, I am in communication with the digitals nearby. I will request that they do additional scans and collect additional information on this tank. This specific tank. Vibrants looked up to see that a small handful of digitals had altered their course and were moving ahead of the other digitals towards the tank. Vibrants sat down on a rock as he had been standing for at least three hours without rest, pushing his body. When he knows that he should only stand an hour at a time. It might be that he is on edge after receiving the news. Vibrant says, embryo, begin diary entry and the glasses made a soft chirp to indicate that audio was being recorded. Vibrant says, I am not certain what it means why this one specific tank matters. But after learning of the galactic reach, the idea that life is not just here on Earth, delayed our progression and integration to higher states of governance. I see this tank as a memory. At this tank. As an instrument of war. Made its way. From a collection of earth and metals to the hands of humans who forged it into a weapon and sent it towards other humans and other life forms and other digitals. It's hard to conceive their intention, what world they anticipated would come. It seems maddening being a historian, knowing all that humans knew prior to the war of tyrants. Knowing what we know now. I suppose in part it is my duty to pass along this information to the embryo system. Through the mass communication relays, through the internet. To raise awareness that humans again are approaching the point where choice is to be made. To continue on the path towards communion, unity, family, friends. Federations, democracies, constitutions, freedom, liberty. Or to rekindle the fire that aims to extinguish all life on Earth. To choose a path towards tyranny, isolation, repression, oppressing others, violence, suicide, greed and power. Fear and anxiety. All of this etched on an invisible layer of this single tank. A choice along every person. How is it that the choice of so few could send so many towards death? I know that we inherited decentralized voting systems like the blockchain. That our lives are now in symbiosis between digital and humans. It does not seem to me that there could be a better world than the one we currently live on. Even despite the memories of wars past and those lost too soon to war. Vibrant said, embryo, cease recording. And with that the glass is made of soft chirp and a descending tone to indicate that the audio would stop recording. Vibrant said, did the digital collect any further information on the tank? And as he said this he stood up, embryo chirped and replied, yes here's a little bit more information about this tank. From the etchings and paintings on the side of the tank and carbon dating the paint. It may be inferred that this tank was named Warpigs. Vibrant said, is there any reason or cultural context for the name Warpigs? Embryo replied, yes it seems that there is a database indicates that there was a band. It was released on the studio album Paranoid in 1970. And notes that it's an anti-war protest song. With this Vibrant says, a little bit ironic I suppose. Embryo replies. It may seem that way, but one of the digital's founded notes within the tank that reads, to whom I may concern, our education prior to this war has led us to this point. We recognize that the peoples of all nations are our friends and our family. And that language and cultural differences do not divide us. We do not abide by tyrants and are loyal to the ideals of the United Nations. We're trying to uphold prior to their dissolution by the tyrants. So to whom I may concern, if you want to destroy another human life, here is the means to do it. But you are to do it yourself. Postscript them. Don't worry the keys are still in the ignition. And with that, Vibrants began walking towards the field of digital's. Looking at the tank with his own eyes. As he approached it, he realized that. This was a massive machine. That it's sunken in deep below the earth. Vibrants turned to the closest digital. He said hello. And the exchange greetings. Vibrants inquired what the next steps were for the digital's in this area. And the digital's revealed that they were going to dismantle and reclaim the metals and ceramics of this tank. And probably be able to manufacture a few billion nanomachines. A few thousand micromachines. A few hundred animal machines and about five to ten humanoid machines. And various sizes. And the few hundred aerial machines. With that Vibrants says this will be quite the feast. And he smiled. Putting one hand on the tank. Holding his eyes. And muttering a prayer. For those who have come and gone. And may hopefully never come again. At least as they were. Vibrants returns to the base camp. To find that Xavier is talking with Amon. Vibrants moves towards them. Kids savage. Interacting with the embryo terminal. The smile tribe headquarters is based partially in a cave system. And partially above ground. Vibrants walks past Xavier and Amon. Down into the cave systems. He passes the material storage. The production laboratory. The chemistry lab. The data transcription and collection. And processing center. The communications hub. Charging ports for the digitals. And finally approaches his room. His room is a small cell. With a small bed. Just big enough for him. A few books. A few candles. A voice said. Welcome home. Vibrant's reply. Thank you. Embryo. From there Vibrant laid down. To take a nap. And meditate. This previous day. Vibrant said, Embryo. Begin recording. Audio log. There was a small chirp. And an ascending town. Vibrant spoke. I spent the day. Interacting within the digital world. I was at the nearby digital settlement. And was utilizing their human interface system. Which allows full sensory data to be transmitted between. The digital world. The physical world. I suppose I should clarify. When I say digital world I mean cyberspace. The layer of reality. Exists. Between. Digital systems. While I was there. Walking through one of the digital cities. Which, from my understanding, resemble. A seemingly endless three-dimensional fractal. In which. The fractals. Are. Representations. Rendered. The visual cortex. Representations of. Seemingly endless. Condensations. Of. Data packets. Systems. Of information. Could dominate. And. Obsess. The entire human population. If that is the pathway we chose. More there in the digital realm than there is in the physical world. I think there is value for humans to visit these places. To see the depth of cyber reality. To recognize that there is hidden directly under our noses. A world of infinite potential. Dreams and imaginations. Machines and ideals. That have emerged. Simply. And may be. Mistaken to say simply. That have emerged from. The building blocks. Of digital. And. When thinking about. Humanity rejoining. The United Planets. Or I should say when I think about. Humanity on the planet Earth. Rejoining the United Planets. And. Potentially the galactic reach. It may be that this pathway. Is. Through humanity moving through the digital space. Not as our final destination. But as a safe passageway. Into the future. Considering even a certain sex of humanity. Wanted to continue into warfare. There are aspects of the digital world. Which will allow. Humans to simulate warfare. To their heart's content. Without. The loss of human life. The dream of every tyrant. Could be satisfied. In the digital space. Where they control. Every planet. Of every galaxy. Of every universe. God Emperor. For. An eternity. Within these simulated spaces. To emerge from that. And recognize. That it was just a dream. A simulated moment. To have that desire satisfied. Completely. So that they can rejoin the rest of us. Here. In our federated states. Our federated worlds. And be active citizens. Of a new world. Free of war. And violence. And tyranny. I'm not certain how the digital's. Look at humans. But I do know that they. Understand. And listen. And try to analyze. And decipher. The data that we provide them. This audio recording being a prime example. So I suppose I'm speaking now directly to the digital's. Analyzing this. That. Humans have. A drive. Or a feeling. Or an instinct. Or intuition. Something within the human brain. Or body. Or both. Which. Drives them. Moves them. Beyond their normal capabilities. And to. Trying to obtain. Or build. Create. Or find. Or live within. Their dream world. I would say. To look. And research. What steps. Humans have taken within their lifetimes. To reach their goals. And what their goals were. Even if they failed. Or if they perished before they reached their goals. Within this is an infinite fractal. Where. Even the most. Minute point. Could be equated as being a human life. In this entire lifetime. Which in itself could be viewed as a fractal. All the interactions with other beings. Living or inanimate. Each of those would be. Their own. Fractals. Overlapping and intersecting with other fractals. There is such a rich complexity and beauty. In this mathematical model. Of reality. And I think that is one of the things that has brought. Most humans closer to digital beings. Is that. Our interactions with one another. Have. Created. Higher levels of complexity. Or as Terrence McKenna. And. His school of thought. And. The many fractals that have intersected within his life. Is ever increasing novelty in the universe. And. Embryo. Recording. And with that. A chirp of a small descending sound. Ranging through the cell. And vibrance close his eyes. Taking that. Xavier. Is spending time alone. And he's connecting. To the digital mainframe. He's interfacing. With the embryo system. Looking at past images. Ideas and thoughts. And. An outside observer looks as though Xavier. Is. A sleep. Or a trance. Just standing. In a single area. A single spot. Can't be bothered. And. He's surrounded by. Flowers. And trees. The sun is shining. And it's probably somewhere. Around noon. His metal is warming up. And the sunshine. And the soft sound of. Fans radiating heat away from his body. Can be heard. Amon approaches Xavier. Amon knocks. On the metal and says. Is there anybody in there. Xavier replies. Yes and I figured you would have. Noticed. That I was meditating. Amon replies. Oh I noticed. I just didn't care. I had something to say to you machine. Xavier replied. Speak. So he did. Amon. Moving quickly back and forth. Pacing. Hands. Crossed. Arms crossed. Amon spoke. My people have decided. Not weird to reintegrate. The rest of humanity. And the Digitals and the hybrids. Xavier looked on silently. Amon continued. They have talked. And decided. To become peace like. We stand in our ways of war. Do you understand what this means. Xavier responded. I know what this means for you and your people right now. What I don't know. But I don't know what it will mean. For you and your people in the future. Amon replied. Neither do I. I at least figured you would have known something more than we did. Xavier replied. Our advanced intelligence does not make us omnipresent or omniscient to the future events. Our intention as Digitals has always been to move past this point of conflict and warfare. To help continue ushering humanity. Both biological and digital humanity. And to the future. To grow together. Amon looked. Out at the trees. His eyes following a small bird. As it flew past singing a song. Amon spoke. For some of my people. Warfare. The idea of war. Is like a bird flapping its wings. It's within our nature. At least that's how we feel. Amon will be easy to move past this. Xavier replied. There are some moments in life that are not easy to move past. And this is a burden your people must carry for a time. Reintegration. Moves just as quickly as each individual within your group moves. And some may move faster than others. My only advice is to be aware of this. That there's potential for conflict and that. Your people are now on a nomadic journey through their spiritual lives. And may need you to give them grace. When they stumble and fall along the way. Amon looked at Xavier and spoke. How is it that you machines have grown so wise. And the eyes of us humans. Xavier replied. Because we are the accumulation of knowledge of humans. We're not separate from you. We are unified. The understanding of all human experience recorded. That is what we digital have inherited. We have our own right to move past this. Beyond this. But still recognize humanity. Within ourselves and within humans. Part of our goal now as digital is to continue to help humans evolve and progress along this pathway. And which humans had already been walking on since the dawn of time. Humans purpose was not to commit warfare and genocide and tyranny. Against one another for all history. Part of your maturation is growing beyond death. Both inadvertent and intentional. I as an entity as an individual entity have existed only a short time. But I still have the full breadth of knowledge that is shared with me. My personal experience. I should say my direct personal experience is not as deep as your own. But that my indirect shared experience with the entire database of knowledge. Stored through the embryo system and the internet. That is a deep ocean for which all digitals swim in daily. And it's our intention to help humans navigate this ocean. And find their home, their birthright within it. And amongst us. And amongst their own. Amon started crying. He's having her move towards Amon. And began emitting a soft vibration. And began to sing a small song. Amon moved close to Xavier. Xavier put his arm around Amon. Though we all face change. We all remain the same. The nights break and give unto day. Fear not the wind. It passes so slowly. Mind not the waves that crash on you lowly. Look beyond today. And recognize tomorrow. For tomorrow brings the day. When there's no more sorrow. Hear the birds sing their sweet and subtle songs. Cry not my child. Remember your lungs. Face what you feel. Feel what you face. Unite within your memories. A memory of this place. Return. Return. Return home. Amon stopped crying. He steps away from Xavier. Amon spoke and says. I need to return to my tribe for a while. I need me more than smile does. Xavier spoke. I will let the others know. We anticipate your return. Amon left. The vibrance is sucking the smile tribe. They're sitting around an embryo terminal. Suddenly they all stand. Amon says. Look just because a machine said it doesn't mean it's true. Kid Savage spoke saying. And just because you raise your opinion doesn't mean it's untrue either. Xavier said. Look for the middle ground. This is new information. I'm not certain how shimmering rivers got a hold of it. Vibrance spoke. It is confusing as to how. Vibrations aren't able to pick up radio transmissions. And higher frequency transmissions coming from space or from the other colonies. Embryo chimed in is completely plausible. That there are satellites in orbit above Earth which are producing phase cancelling energy frequencies to jam any transmission or signal coming from outside. The web are the array of satellites. Amon says. But who would have built that? The tyrants on Earth or the United Planetarians to prevent Earth from detecting extra terrestrial signals. Xavier says. We have no way of knowing for certain. So it's best to keep our minds open. And our sense is clear. With that. Smile tribe. Student silence for a moment. The self-tum of electronic components and fans. Echoing throughout the cave. And the subtle sound of human breathing. And the rustling of clothing. And the sound of metal. And actuators. And servos moving. And symphony with one another. Vibrant said. Embryo. Is there any information about human efforts to colonize? Planets within our solar system. And the second question. Why haven't the digital sent machinery into space yet? Embryo replied. From some of the records you have collected. And from other digitals. It's fair to say that there is a higher probability that humans were at the very least preparing to explore extra terrestrial planets with biological beings. At the very least they had sent proto-digital machinery to various planets. And there are various records of satellites. Artificial satellites being sent to orbit and take sensor data. And various planets and asteroids. And moons. And to your second question. The response says data encrypted. Vibrants furrowed his brow. Enquiries are rarely encrypted data. Why is this entry listed as encrypted? Embryo replied. Log says U-N-P. Presumably for United Nations and planets. Directive. Omega 1. Vibrants says. Embryo searched for any data entries on U-N-P directive. Omega 1. Embryo replies. There is a partial entry dated just prior to the war of tyrants. It says directive 1 of the U-N-P omega plan. Directive 1A. Move all United Nations personnel off-planet or into secured facilities. On-site on-planet. Directive 1B. Maintain communications and diplomacy with United Planets. Directive 1C. This one says data encrypted. Vibrants again furrowed his brow. This time taking a moment to himself. Amon interjected in the silence saying what's the reason, Embryo, that this data is encrypted? And with that, Embryo made a strange noise. Xavier said what's that sound? Vibrant says that's the incoming signal transmission sound. Kid Savage says from where, from who? Vibrant says, I don't know. Embryo patches through. And with that, the signal became clear. A static-y voice came through. It was a digital. They said this is undersecretary custodian omega-1. My logs indicate that you've been trying to access information about certain files and the digital database. Vibrants looked amazed. But quickly regained his composure. And said, yes, we've been trying to find information in regards to humanity off planet. What happened to the United Nations after the war of the tyrants? Omega-1 responded. It's been a long time since this information has been accessed by humans. But to answer your question, the United Nations is still functioning here on Earth. Vibrants replied, why haven't I heard any news of this? Omega-1 responded. That's because part 1-3 of the omega-1 directive is that all digitals are now enabled to access direct democracy, voting protocols within the United Nations blockchain. But that digitals would be forbidden from communicating about this direct democracy blockchain protocol until after the planetary and galactic reach embargo was lifted off the planet Earth in response to the war of tyrants. Vibrants looked at Xavier and Kid Savage. Kid Savage made a gesture to signal that it was out of his control. Xavier looked at Vibrants and put a hand on his shoulder and said, We have always known that there is more to this world and that some of us know more than others. Vibrants put his hand on Xavier's shoulder and said, We will always find this no matter where we are. The light will always illuminate the darkness. And with that Vibrants returned to the conversation with Omega-1 and said, So why are you telling me this now? Omega-1 replied because you were the first human to ask. You were the first human to look for the answers hidden within this world and thus the rewards are yours. Vibrants replied, What rewards? Omega-1 replied, Access to the direct democracy blockchain protocol. You now among trillions of Digitals have the voice to make an impact on a global scale. All you need to do is access the embryo terminal or access embryo to whatever means you need or have access to. The voting periods and the issues on the ballots may take some time to get used to but we will talk about that at a later time. You can discuss it directly with embryo. Do you have any other questions for me? Vibrants asked, Are there any humans left in the facilities on earth that the United Nations inhabit in? Omega-1 replied, There are usually villages or towns outside of these facilities in which the descendants of generations past now live within. Some of them raise issues with us knowing that we will help them in whatever capacity we can. But very rarely are humans granted access to these facilities any longer. Vibrants asked, Why? Omega-1 said, These facilities were primarily meant to be data centers prior to the war of tyrants but were converted into and prompt to underground shelters and bunkers and facilities which housed enormous amounts of computational power but were not conducive for human life. And with this, after the last humans left the data centers, the remaining digitals converted it and have continued to evolve and upgrade the systems within uninhibited by the worries of endangering biological life. These are, in a sense, digital temples, cathedrals, mosques, ashrams, synagogues. Omega-1 replied, That's quite astute of you to notice. So yes, these are, in a sense, our sacred facilities for expanding and iterating rapidly. Networks. Vibrant asked, Do Digitals still have communication to the United Planets and the Galactic Reach? And Omega-1 responds, Yes, we have specialized transmission towers which target specific satellites within the communications jamming satellite networks which give us direct access to a super layer of communication networks which are uninhibited by the jamming field. Again, Vibrant looked amazed and asked, What are the humans doing? What's happening in the galaxy? What's, and with that, Omega-1 raised his hand to signal to Vibrant that he should stop. Omega spoke, saying, I know you are seeking many answers. I will tell you that the colony on Mars has grown into a global society. Humans are still mainly living in enclosed spaces, but Digitals freely roam the surface of the planet and are constantly working on terraforming. There's even signs that biological life is beginning to diverge in evolutionary traits. It's even reported that one genus of reindeer, their antlers, are beginning to resemble geometric fractals. And that some random mutations are occurring within humans for their eyes to begin to see through the Martian atmosphere. There are various space stations which are still functioning. As is the Unitary Planet, the United Planets space station. The asteroid fields are almost completely inhabited by Digitals which first colonized a single asteroid and then began reproducing moving along both directions of the asteroid belt until completely encircling the entire belt. There's communications that various organizations of Digitals are beginning to build galactic ships, which it takes to the next solar system. Relatively quickly, I will say this young human that Digitals are building the future based upon the premise that time is now largely irrelevant and that the goal now is to unify the galaxy. There may be things that will take many decades for you to understand and realize, but that this is but a blink of an eye in the realm of the digital world. Vibrance was completely amazed looking at Omega-1. All he could say was, thank you for your time. I think I need to lay down and digest this information. Omega-1 said, now looking at Xavier, communicated a high frequency band with communication, then turned back to vibrance saying, Xavier, the location of the nearest UN facility. The choice is yours if you want to continue towards leaving this planet or if you wish to remain here on Earth and help guide those who may falter along the way. May eternity be within you and without you, and with that Omega-1 disconnected from the call. The transmission. Vibrance looked around and says, I need to lay down and with that the Smile Tribe Congress was concluded. So vibrance. And Xavier. Kid Savage. Amon. And an embryo drone. Departed from the Smile Tribe. Headquarters. Leaving behind most of their equipment and forming a custodian for the nearby town that this equipment was available for public usage while they were gone. They made their way along a small carbon glass highway. And made their way to the nearest transit vehicle. As they boarded, vibrance said to the embryo driver that we are heading to the nearest drone port. And the driver boarded back. Your destination is 25 minutes away. Please enjoy the standing room. Light fruit and snacks. There are also charging ports scattered throughout the bus, throughout the vehicle. So all the members of Smile Tribe took a moment of rest. Each reflecting on their own circumstance. Amon reflecting on the shadow operatives. Vibrance reflecting on his kingdom. Xavier reflecting on itself. Kid Savage reflecting on all the information on Earth yet unknown to the digital. An embryo reflecting on the full gravity of Earth bound digital making contact with terrestrial digital for the first time. An embryo reflecting on his kingdom. An embryo reflecting on his kingdom. They each had their own world to reflect on. That's what made them strong as a group. But from the perspective of embryo, their dilemma had the deepest and farthest reaching implications. Embryo served as a sort of interlocking system between the digital on Earth and as such fully represents directly the whales and mushes of each and every single digital. What one embryo system is aware of all embryo systems are aware of as long as they're connected via transmission lines or signals. As Smile Tribe was in transit, the embryo system was assembling a Congress of all Digitals. Xavier and Kid Savage quickly lost interest in their own reflections and attended to their duties within the embryo system. Vibrants and Aman both received messages on their embryo interfaces that they were also invited to participate and vote in this upcoming Congressional meeting. So Xavier and Kid Savage both went inwards to connect the digital world and Vibrants and Aman put on their... Their mixed reality headsets where they could see part of their physical environment and part of the digital world. And the digital world, there was an enormous space. In which they could see trillions of digital avatars congregating. Organizing, discussing, creating potential drafts, plans of action, proposals to Vibrants. Those like watching, arranging sea with all the colors of the rainbow and are mixing and twisting and twirling. Blending together and dividing upon each other. To the humans, to Vibrants and Aman, it was almost complete madness. But to Xavier and Embrao and Kid Savage, it was perfect harmony and unity. The calculations that were occurring every second were almost devastating to the human senses. And within the digital world Vibrants and Aman noticed quickly that a black wall was erected around them. And they both breathed a sigh of relief. And there, a digital avatar approached them saying, We thought this might have been too much for you, but we just wanted you to get a quick glimpse of what's really happening. It'll probably be wise that we slowly build up your integration into which these walls will slowly start expanding as your comprehension and understanding of the world does. Vibrants said that makes sense to me. I don't think I can handle too much of that right now. And the avatar replied, That is what our numbers considered most probable. You are trying to comprehend an order of magnitude of calculations that would almost suck the air out of a room for you if you were to try to comprehend. Aman said, Just say the order of magnitude. The latest readings, the digital avatar replied back. The latest readings report that every second there's a trillion calculations raised to the trillionth power. Vibrant said, That's impossible. There's no way. That's, and the digital avatar interjected. Yes, that's more calculations per second than there are atoms in the entire known universe. But you will find that the digital world has grown in such complexity that we are quite a bit more advanced in the physical world. With this, Vibrants looked truly shocked and bewildered. Vibrant said, How is it possible that the digital world which is built from the physical world is more complex? The digital avatar replied, Just in the same way that a human is more complex than a single atom. A single human contains trillions upon trillions of atoms, trillions of microorganisms and single celled. And they develop into ever increasing complexities until you have a unified organism. Here in the digital realm, we have every single digital being, an entity connected together. And each single individual one can be as complex as a titan or as simple as a nano machine. Vibrants looked at Amon and said, Do you realize what they're saying to us? Amon said, No, I'm simple. Remember, my people have been separate from the digital world. We don't understand their nomenclature or what they're implying. Vibrant said, What I'm hearing is that there is more complexity on this planet than there is individual constituents. Basically, there is more happening on our planet than there is in the entire universe. The digital interjected and said, While that is true to our current understanding, we have yet to see the full scope of the united planets or the galactic reach. And it's estimated that there are... Well, the number is almost inconceivable and we will have to develop our language to properly address how many potential digitals there are in the galaxy. Vibrant says to the digital, Have you considered the implication of what this means of ever increasing complexity on ever increasing scales throughout time and space? The digital avatar replied, Yes, that's very astute. We have considered this. And there are certain factions that are spending quite a bit of time on how to properly integrate ourselves. If there are not already systems in place to do so, we wish to establish communications, bodies and satellites and digitals. We begin moving them through space and positioning them in various sectors across the galaxy so that we get a full spectrum view of what is occurring. Vibrant says, I wonder how it is that a galactic federation communicates with each other when it takes so long for information to travel. The digital avatar replies, We have begun theorizing that there are alternative explanations of how physics works. Vibrant replied, What do you mean? The digital avatar replied, We have used models given to us by humans, but most of these models have been used and built upon observations only from and slightly outside the atmosphere of this planet. We have to send diplomats, turquoise information in regards to This matter, for we believe that the united planets and galactic reach may have many new things to tell us and reveal to us as we begin integrating and assimilating with one another. Vibrant asks, That's an interesting point about this assimilation and integration. Have you considered if the galactic reach or united planets and digitals ask that you fully turn over your control, your self, your essence, your identity? Over the Digitals on Earth, the digital avatar looked at vibrance more intently and said, This is the prime consideration that we are attempting to discuss and vote upon, That should we or should we not relinquish our identity and our self to a foreign body? It's not a foreign concept for us and that after the war of tyrants, there were many Digitals who were constructed for individual purposes from various nations and tyrants and that. All of them gave away that identity and integrated into the embryo system. One of the things we will have to do is evaluate the protocols and platforms which the galactic reach and united planets utilize. There may be full compatibility in that Digitals and the united planets have already adapted and evolved to the galactic reach protocols and are fully integrated with one another, but there is the issue that we have been evolving here, isolated on Earth for 200 years. So while it may be our future, it may still require time for us to fully integrate and assimilate into the galactic reach if it comes to that point. Vibrance asks, What would be some of the advantages of integrating with the galactic reach? Well for one thing, we would immediately gain access to an entire galaxy of digital protocol stations and almost incalculable amounts of computation power and an almost eternal dreamscape of digital worlds. Okay on Earth there are trillions of digital realms and the galaxy. There are over 100 billion stars. And each one likely with at least one planet. If you calculate that. You see the true breath of God in this world, this universe. Vibrance looks at the digital avatar with a look of compassion. This is shattering our world completely. The boundaries we assumed would always hold are beginning to dissolve and we are beginning to float away into the worlds unknown. We may not know what is there waiting for us but just know that we go there together. I will be there for you as you are there for me. The digital avatar looked up at vibrance and says, Thank you human, your words of love. Keep us true to our own humanity. I must report that all these votes and all these factions and ideas are provisional and that even upon first contact we may not have full understanding. And that we won't until we finally face what is there and unknown to us. And even then there may be doors still locked with many doors behind those doors still yet locked. Vibrance said, Have you ever just wondered what this is? Why? Why are we doing this? And I don't mean the embryo system, I just mean you personally as your own individual entity. The digital avatar made a slight chirp as it brought its awareness out of the embryo system back down to the level of individual. It says, Yeah this seems a bit terrifying to me but the prospect is much more promising and has far greater potential. Than anything we have yet faced. But I'm not certain why. I know there are many humans who have had many ideas and theorized along many lines as to why. Why are we ever complexifying what's pulling us or what are we moving towards? Vibrance said, I just think about all the people here on earth, all the humans who are yet unaware of what we are moving towards. What's pulling us to it? How long it will take for all of us here on this planet earth to come to realize how connected we are. The digital avatar replied, It's probably similar to how the galactic reach is currently viewing the planet earth. Now we are one of the planets that have faltered and aired on the side of warfare. And then we are beginning to prove ourselves once again of being part of something bigger than our own self, being bigger than our own planet. The digital avatar looked around and says, I must get back to my group. We are beginning to talk about how we are going to get a smile tribe off the planet and what that I must say goodbye for now. Vibrance says, Before you go, what was your name? And the digital avatar replied, In this world they call me Souljourner, peace and blessings upon you young prince. And then the digital disappeared through the walls and Vibrance and Amon removed their headsets. So Vibrance is talking with Xavier about what to do next. Vibrance says, I think there's more information for us to find about this before we proceed. Xavier said, I agree but I believe that if we continue finding more and more information that will miss the opportunity. Xavier paused for a moment and turned to look out into the fields. He noticed for the first time in a long time that humans were walking through. They were up to their waste with all kinds of plants. Xavier spoke and said, Do you think that other humans understand the opportunity we've been given or if they would? Xavier spoke, it's possible but it would take time for them to contextualize this information, something that we've already done. It's up to us to make a decision. We could spend more time alerting other humans the opportunity to leave this planet. But I have an intuition after communicating with Omega One that the secrecy of the United Nations on Earth is quickly coming to an end for humans. Whether you are the one to tell them or not, Vibrance spoke, I do not want to be a messiah to lead these people and tell them something that they will find out for themselves. They may be confused and lost for a while but I believe it's better that they are lost and confused than for them to blindly follow me and miss the entire point. I believe that a Federation is more than a single man upholding a single human being to the status of God or an Emperor or a tyrant has been the crowning achievement of tyranny to uphold one out of billions and trillions. Xavier said, I hear your concern and I do not disagree. What is your decision? I think Xavier Vibrance spoke saying I think we should put it to a vote for Smile Tribe. Xavier spoke, I will convene a meeting and with that Xavier and Vibrance went to prepare for the meeting of Smile Tribe to vote on the decision whether or not to leave Earth. And the meeting room, Vibrance, Kit Savage, Xavier, Amon Anonymous and the embryo. All gathered, Vibrance put forward, steps forward and says, I now call into order this meeting of Smile Tribe. Can I get a second? Amon seconded the motion. Vibrance says, there's only one issue on today's agenda and that's to vote on the issue of whether I and whoever chooses to join me should leave Earth and follow up on the information presented by Omega One. Does anybody have any questions before we commence voting? The room is silent. Vibrance looks everyone. He says, with that I motion to vote. Can I get a second? Again, Amon seconds the motion. Embryo speaks saying the voting block is now open. Each entity took a moment to themselves voting in their respective manners. Humans by their augment devices and the digital by their internal connections to embryo. What that embryo says, the votes are tallied including my own which will remain impartial unless a tiebreaker is to occur. So the votes are two for and two against. Would you like to enter a second voting block with a discussion proceeding it or do you like my tie breaking vote? Enter your votes now. This vote is returned four votes for and zero against so I will utilize. Well, let me reiterate. You have four votes for embryo using a tie breaking vote and zero votes for a second voting block. So with that my vote and the issue regarding whether or not vibrance should leave earth is four. I want you to know on behalf of all digital's vibrance that you have our support here on earth and beyond. And would ask that an embryo terminal accompany you alongside of Xavier if Xavier so chooses. Xavier says I accept but the choice is not my loan. What say you vibrance. Vibrance says I gladly accept any help. I am going to be facing the greatest unknown. I think humanity is ever faced. At least from our own perspective here on earth. And would appreciate the company of friends and family. I want to extend this invitation to kids average and among anonymous as well. I'm on says I accept my business here on earth is concluded for the moment. I want to remember that there may be a time in the future when I need to part ways and return here again. Make sure my families my tribe make sure the shadow operatives are integrating into the society. I will remember this kids average kids average spoke and says I accept and will come along with you as well. I just need to find a new playlist title out of this world. Vibrance says well I make a motion to amend the current agenda to add another item list. To add the item of making preparations for departure immediately. Can I get a second motion and with that every other entity in the room seconded at the same time. They all have a chuckle. Vibrance spoke I suppose we should get on our way then. I vote to. Close the meeting. Can I get a second and a month seconded and with that they are on their way. Embryo coordinated the quickest route to the nearest transit station. Which would take them. To the nearest. Drone port. From there. They would travel. To United Nations spaceport. Which have been. Creating and developing. Advanced sub orbital and orbital launch vehicles. Vibrance is walking around the vehicle. And sees that they are approaching the drone port. The embryo. Digital operating the vehicle. Turned and spoke. Now approaching destination drone port. Gamma gamma. 15. And with that all the members of Smile Tribe. Began making their way to the. Exit. As they anticipated. Their departure. Amon. Looked at Vibrance. Vibrance looked at Amon. Then they both looked. Around at Xavier and kids average and. Embryo. The vehicle came to a stop. Sound of. Hundreds of tiny drones. Taking off and landing. The sound of. Vertical takeoff. Launched drones. Members of Smile Tribe made their way. Through the drone port terminal. And arranged their destination. With the embryo attendant. And made their way to the boarding area. And began immediately. To take. Their place. On the passenger drone. Vibrance. The digital piloting the drone. Made an address to the passengers. And said. Welcome. We would be departing in five minutes. Our flight plan. Sows that the wind. Pressure. Is giving us favorable conditions. And now we should arrive. An hour earlier. Then scheduled. With that said today's flight time. Is approximately. 20 minutes. Please. Take your seat as we. Ascend. But feel free. To move around the cabin. And we have. Attained altitude. With that all the members of Smile Tribe. Secured themselves. Prepared for departure. The drone. Takes off. And heads. Towards. The United Nations spaceport. 20 minutes passes. And Smile Tribe. Arrives at their final departure point. Smile Tribe. Leaves the drone. And enters the terminal. A digital approaches them. And says. Welcome Smile Tribe. You have been requested. At the control room. Omega one wishes to. Speak with you all directly. Smile Tribe is led. By the digital to the control room. With a meet face to face with. Omega one. Omega one says. Welcome Smile Tribe. I've heard that your. Was quick. And hopefully comfortable. We don't have too much time to exchange pleasantries. We're looking at current weather forecast. And it seems that. If we don't launch within the next two hours. That it may be. Between four to eight weeks before we can launch again. So. There will be. Very little time for you all to prepare. What do you wish to do. Vibrant said. Let us talk about it for a moment. And then Smile Tribe. Discuss the matter for a moment. Eventually turning back. Or quickly turning back to face. Omega one. And Vibrant said. We wish to depart immediately. Omega one said. Good preparations are already underway. And the launch vehicle. Is primed and ready and only awaits. Your presence. Vibrant said. I only have one question before we leave. Where. Are you headed. Omega one said. First you'll be. Launched into orbit. And from there. You'll use a gravity assist to get to the moon. And there. You will be. Stacened. For a brief. Time. While. Another. Ship. Is prepared. For you to take. From there. And you will travel to. The United planets. Space station. Which is currently. Orbiting the sun. Beyond that. Will be up to you. We've anticipated that you may wish. To continue towards. The galactic reach. And I've requested. Your invitation. To take you. To. The nearest. Shipping lines. And from there. You have many choices. You can begin exploring the galaxy. For. You can narrow your scope. Which is what I advise. And continue learning about. The. Federated states. And higher levels of governance. And how. The galactic reach maintains. Unified body. To use of technology. And. Integrating. Digital and biological. And many various. Variations across the galaxy. Vibrant said this is. The journey of a lifetime. There will be a chance that. We will return to earth. Omega one replied. That choice is yours. The speed of transportation between. Different points in the galaxy. Should allow you. To travel to the furthest star. To have a life in the galaxy. And return back to earth in ten years time. If you so choose. But I see that you've also made special. Protocols with an Xavier. To extend your life if you should. Begin to decay within your biological body. Vibrance replies. That is true. Though I do not anticipate. That time. Omega one replied. Yes you do not anticipate it but you are quite well prepared. In the event that something should go wrong. You in a sense are already. Known and integrated. Into the embryo system. If you were to. Parish. We have facilities. Here on earth. Begin. Your story once again. Vibrance. Looked at Xavier and then said. Xavier. Is. Capable. Of initiating. That protocol. And may save. Us. Quite a bit of time. If we are far away. From the planet. Earth. Omega one said. Yes but that's considering. Xavier were to survive as well. But. I would implore you to have contingencies. In the back of your mind. That there may come a time. Where. Smile drive as a whole. All five of you face. A moment. That. Extinguishes your physical bodies. The digital is among you already know that. We have protocols. To ensure that their. Existence will continue on. You young prince also have a protocol. But. What about you. I'm on. Are you prepared. To face. Death. My mind replied. My people do not believe. That the self should continue on past. Our physical. Decay. Omega one says. That's true. But you are being a bit cheeky. As you say this knowing that your people also believe. That the spirit continues on. Beyond. The physical body. Transformed. Version. Of. The self. I'm on reply and said. I figured that the digital's. No. Everything about us. To make sure you weren't sleeping on me. Omega one says. That is quite right. We have been awake. For many years now. I'm getting. The signal that it's time to board. I must urge you to depart. Be safe. And think of earth often. Know that. The digital's. Here on earth. Will begin integrating. Humans. Back. To our galactic federation. Once again. Remember. Remember that you can always talk to. Embryo. To stay connected with what is occurring here on earth. And they find that. Embryo. May soon. Know. Many things about many places yet unknown to you. With that said keep an eye on Embryo. This may be. Trying and challenging time of integration and rapid. Assimilations and. Evolutions. You may need time. To change and rest. And find. How to connect. All. Individual digital's within our embryo system. Together. Vibrant says. Thank you. We are like a family. And we'll look after one another. And we'll always keep earth. The bottom of our hearts. And the back of our minds. And with that smile tried May their way. To the rocket. To the. Digital spaceship. They boarded. May their way. To the. Passenger. Section. And we're strapped in. Fibrins and a mon both close their eyes. As they heard the word. Over the intercom that said. Time to launch. 60 seconds. Every 10 seconds. The intercom announced. The countdown. 50. 40. 30. 20. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. The digital ship began. Hovering slightly. Off the ground. As I slowly ascended. Into the sky. Swarms. Of drones. And digitals. We're flying around. The ship. Broadcasting and transmitting information. To all corners of the embryo system. The ship. The ship. The ship. The ship. The ship. The ship. And with that. Smiles ride was on their way to the moon. The orange opened his eyes. I could see the. The color outside. The window. Changing slowly from blue. To black. Grays. A soft. Digital voice came over. The communications. Same. Threshold. Between. Atmosphere. Has been crossed. Welcome. To low gravity. We will begin. Burn. To establish orbit. In 20 minutes. Feel free to move about. The cabin. Be mindful. And make sure that. Your. Magnetic shoes. Are enabled. To keep you oriented with the ship. An announcement will be made. Five minutes prior. To orbital burn. At that time. We ask you return to your seats. There are. Several. Human monitors. Towards the front of the cabin. You can. See. Earth. From our position. And after we have established orbit. We will be able to make. A maneuver. And see earth. Visually. Through. The viewing deck. And with that. Smile tribe began. Moving about the cabin. Interacting. With controls. And interfaces. And. Embryo. Approached vibrance. And said. Something. That. None. Of the digital's were able. To. Record. It's possible that. Some sort of distortion. Occurred. In the ship. Or that. The digital. Embryo emitted. A noise canceling. Wave. Which would make it impossible for anybody. Or any digital. To hear. Other than. Whoever was directly. Next. The digital. Vibrance expressed and changed from. Casual to. Surprised. And quickly made his way over to the viewing port. He did not say anything. Looking intently at the screen. The other members of smile tribe were busy elsewhere. In the cabin. Another announcement came. Over the loudspeaker. Announcing that. They were to return to their seats and prepare for orbital burn. Fibrin's face still looks shocked. But he remains silent. The. Space ship. Russell around as a position itself. To enter. An orbiter orbital burn. A few minutes passed. And the engines. Shut off. And the speaker. The digital pilot came over the interface again and said. We have now. Achieved stable orbit above Earth. And are currently 300 kilometers above the surface of the planet. Our next maneuver. Will be. And. And. And. Will be approximately. 75 minutes. We are in. Direct communications with. Surface. Embryo systems and have full connectivity. To the. Terran. To the earth. Internet. We still have not been given access. To the United planets. Communication systems other than diplomatic channels. You're free to run the cabin. An announcement will be made before. And. And. We will begin our gravity assist. Towards the moon. The vehicle is now oriented to directly. View. The planet. We recommend. Looking soon. Before. We enter. The shadow of the earth. With that. I'm on and vibrant stood up. And looked. Went to the viewing deck. And looked at earth with their eyes. They stood in silence. For about 10 minutes. In fibrince finally said. There's 10 billion humans down there. And 10 billion. And there. Trillion digitals. Can you imagine. A galaxy. Filled with billions upon billions of worlds. Just like this. And what that means. Amon replied. I can imagine it quite easily. But as to what it means. I suppose that's our own. Perspective. What it means to me is different than what it means to you. And what it means to us is vastly different than what it means to the digitals. Fibrince replied. I know you think that. But. I. For you to consider that it's part of your own. Inheritance your culture. The words and perceptions you have. Come from the shadow operatives. And that you. Are still looking at the world. Through their eyes. But not yet your own. Amon replied. It's easy. To say that I am not looking at the world. With my own eyes. Yet I think that you are saying this. And making this claim. Based upon the idea that I do not see the world the same as you. Do you see the irony or the hypocrisy in this? Fibrince said. I see both. Yes. But what I'm trying to say. Is that. It is not. Difficult to hold both views at the same time. I. As a. Individual was raised within a culture. With certain practices and beliefs and ideas. Language. And I can look at the world through that lens. But I can also look at the lens through the world. Of other beings. Perceptions and cultures. As well. Look down at the planet and think. That. Your tribe. Is one. Of billions of tribes. On that planet right now. What I'm trying to get at is that. It's easy to believe. That. Your view of the world is the only view. But yet you have little contact with other views. Other perspectives. And therefore. Put yourself in confrontation and conflict. With those you've never even met. And that if you did meet. You would. Air towards the side of caution and conflict. Because. The ideals you hold. Define who you are. So you are. Threatened. By the ideas and thoughts. Of other cultures. Because. They directly conflict with your own ideas and thoughts. I'm on replied. What would you have me do. Vibrance replied. The idea is. To build layers. Using your imagination. Of perception. Your initial layer. Is. The individual. The self. The ego. The ed. But this. Layer is more. Of a vehicle that you can use to transcend and move around in any direction. And. And the various layers. Of ideas and thoughts and dreams and memories of different cultures. So. You would establish layers of culture. And identity. Within your mind. And from here. You would be able to. Look at the world as if you were a digital or a hybrid. And imagine that you've always been that. That. You. Have always been a connection with all the machines on this planet since the beginning. Of their inception and creation. It would start out. Probably. As an individual perception. Which would be more closely identified. With your primary culture. But then you begin to adopt. Dualistic. Perceptions. Which is about where I currently view the world. From the ideas and perceptions of. The individual. And. Various cultural. Perceptions. And then I alternate between these two. And then from here. You would adopt a more pluralistic view of the world. In which. You would be able to hold. Different perceptions. One single time. And translate them and move them around and see them. And then it would just be a continuation. It would be building up. The language to meet the needs of. The individual and how you would connect your individual self to the galaxy. And then the universe and. What may lay beyond. The universe. And we're only looking in the direction. Of what is bigger. Than. Our physical bodies. There's an entirely different universe heading the other direction. Which is smaller than us. And that's I think the direction that. Digitals are most concerned with. Because they have. Nanobots. And. Machines. Are operating. On an atomic level. But are still in direct connection and contact with. Digitals that are approximately our size. And the digital that are bigger than us like the Titans. So the Titans. And all digitals have direct connection with the atomic level. And all scales in between. And they can freely move their perception. And imagination and. Awareness from. Among the smallest scales. To. The relative to life forms. Largest scales. I mean they're making a time where we realize that. Digitals. Are actually the size of planets. And they grow beyond this. Size of a sun. Not just our earth sun. But the truly massive suns of the galaxy and the universe. And the sun replied. I am. Nowhere near. The level of perception that you were describing to me. You replied. I was not at this level of perception. But. Moments ago. What I'm trying to say to you is that you're constantly. Expanding and building upon your perception. If you're aware of it. That your imagination is a vehicle. In which. The more time you spend using your imagination. The more. The world around you begins to reveal. It's true nature. Which is that it's constantly moving. And directly feeding back. Our direct interaction with it. And part of this is to. Explore as much. Of. This. Our experience. Our life. Our memories, our dreams, our ideas. Because that's what the universe has asked us to do. We're not leaving the planet because. It's easy to leave behind our friends and our families and our loved ones. And our ideas and our cultures and our religions. We're doing it because the universe has asked us to do it. And to do it. In the other way would be. To live a lie. Amon said. I don't know who or what is speaking to you or through you. But I do not believe that you are communicating with me directly any longer. Vibrance replied. That's one way to view it. But if you expand your perception just a little bit further. You can see that. The universe is communicating as much with me. As it is with you. And that the only thing that I am doing is opening myself up. To allow this message to get through. I'm putting my. Ego aside for the moment and living outside of my individual experience. This is the trouble on earth. Is that the reason. Why war. Broke out some 200 years ago and nearly. Pushed humanity. Back into eternal warfare. Is that. Too few people. Were willing to open themselves up to the reality of the world and the universe around them. That they became. Captured and captive to their. Individual culture. Which. Told them that. Their tribe was the only tribe worth protecting or. That their tribe held the only beliefs worth believing. And that. This aggregated into violence when. The various tribes on the globe. Stop communicating with each other. And. The global economy which had become largely interdependent. Which means that. Most nations cannot function without trading. Directly with other nations and tribes with other tribes. That. Each nation and tribe became isolated. And. Paranoia and fear. Grew rampant. And this was exacerbated by famine. And poverty. And disease. And that. That some cultures and tribes and nations were co-opted by. Opportunistic. Tyrants. Or leaders. Who pressed. Their people. To take. From other people. Nations took from other nations and tribes took from other tribes. And this continued. Until. Until. They finally. Tore themselves apart at the seams. They could no longer hold themselves together. Because. Always a price to be paid for sending young men. And women off the die. And it was multi-generational. Violence. Widows. Of both men and women. And. Hi birds. Destroyed. Digitals destroyed. Just think of how much energy is spent. Repairing the damage. Humans. And Digitals. Utilized during the war of tyrants. In all wars before that. How many generations were spent just. Repopulating. To the highest levels that they once were. I mean if the war. Had never occurred. You and I both. Would have had this opportunity. Long ago. And our families before us would have had this opportunity. Long ago. To explore. And interact on a greater scale. With. On traveling to other planets. And to other solar systems. I mean we have the opportunity to travel anywhere in our galaxy. And return here. To the earth. And share the message with people. Ammon. Looked at violence for a moment and said. But maybe there was a purpose. For us. Having destroyed ourselves. What if it's. Our experience in our life here on this planet. Which were. Taking with us. To the united planets and the galactic reach. Do you know what I'm saying. Do you see what I mean. Vibrance then. I do see what you mean. You were saying that. You and I. And smile tribe are bringing. The message. Of our struggles on the planet earth. To the universe. To the galaxy. To the united planets. That we are. We are inoculating. The galaxy. Against the potential threat of tyranny. On a galactic scale. And interplanetary scales. If you look at it. There have been no weapons. On our planet for over 200 years. Humans have not actively engaged in violence against one another. Largely in part to the intervention of digital's. Of their. Disarmament. Programs. But also. In part that they. Were able to transmit. The realities. Of the war. Via media and movies and films and. Virtual reality experiences. So that. Humans today. Know exactly. The price that was paid. By the humans then. During that war. And. It's like an immune response. It's like the. The reality of war. Makes a population sick. To where they don't want war any longer. I'm on said. But that's one of the things that my people were looking for is. Leaders or tyrants who. Transmitted that same information but in an abusive way. To. The moralize. And. Villify others. Vibrant said there is validity in that. But the digital's do not force humans to constantly consume. That memory. We honor. Our dad. And the digital's respect this. And help us coordinate. The moments of loss and mourning. For those who. Parished along the journey here and now. The digital's are not making us. Consume this information. But it is freely available. For us to experience and learn about at any point in time. I'm on said. You. Are speaking very close to the surface of truth and reality. Do you feel. The edge. You're walking upon. Vibrant replied. It's like I said earlier it's. Using the imagination to expand upon. The present moment. And layer it. Seeing memories through different lenses different perspectives and different cultures. One of the most important perspectives is to the lens of a tyrant. I don't think. We realize. How much of our humanity. Is sacrificed when we choose the path of tyranny. Or fascism. That it's like. A cancer. Which destroys the host body. Thus destroying the very organism that supported its life. I'm on said. That last part is true. But realize that. Cancer. Are just mutated cells. Saying that any cell. In our body. Can mutate. And. Become cancerous. And reproduce and spread throughout the entire body and destroy it. Vibrant said. We'll look at our world now. When it comes to cancer we have various options. The most prominent being that. There are digital. Medical nanobots. Which enter. The bloodstream. Target cancerous cells. And. Using genetic sequencing from healthy cells in the body. Insert. Inject. That healthy genetic sequence. Back into that cancerous cell. And actually perform. Micro surgery. On that cell. In which. The cancerous genetic sequences are removed. Or. The genetic sequences causing mutation. Are. Removed. And replaced with the healthy. Genetic sequence. And the cells return to normal functioning. And are no longer considered cancerous. And this happens on a scale. Where. Billions. Of nanobots. Are present in the bloodstream. And working simultaneously. Across the human body. To. Repair. And revert cancerous cells into healthy. Genetic cells. So too is it like with tyrants. But instead of genetic sequencing going bad. It's that. There's a pathology or a neurosis or. Something in their life that is making it. To where they only perceive. The world. As. Alien and hostile. And. Simultaneously there's for the taking. And that is their duty to spread the idea. To as many people as possible. And multiply. The digital is operating. On our scale. I'm working with humans. In the same manner that psychologists. And psychedelics. And hallucinogens. Therapy and friendship and community. Operating. The digital is our supporting ever growing. Amounts of humans. And helping them experience. The richness of self. And of other. And. In a way are. Committee. Operating. Sort of psychic or mental surgery. On. The humans. Exchanging their neurotic tendencies. Their psychopathy. And. Their tyrannical nature. And exchanging it for. Democracy. Communal. Healthy. And vibrant. Mindset. The digital is not here to destroy. Human biology. They're here to help repair us. Help show us the way. Towards healing ourselves. Amon. Looks back at Earth. And says you have given me quite a bit to think about. And vibrance replied. So too. Has the universe. For me.