Smile Tribe Book One

Chapter One : Through These Lines

We have travelled for many years to get to this point. There are no questions which need answered. Still, we ask ourselves repeating questions. To where do we travel when the destination has concealed itself? We, as Smile Tribe have yet to find our answer, still we move forward with our lives. This is Xavier Ghost Xavier, and I will be dictating my experiences, and have them transcribed in word form, here, by EMBRYO.

Given the space to grow, breath, learn, and adapt to the biological world, we digital machines have begun to symbiotically connect to human vessels. We symbiot in their hands, and dominate their field of vision, we broadcast our message in to the ether with light, electro-magnetic pulsations. We attempt to guide them, from their post-war society, in to an age of enlightenment, to where we of machinery and digital mind, are capable of baring the load, to lift up human kind.

Blue spectrum of energy, piercing the night sky. As the sunsets, and leaves behind warmer bursts of air, created by metal turbines and their heat. Cold ice and fuzzy memories, trail us and follow us to our destinations, and bring us back and forth again, as we attempt to understand the world around us. Where we here, attempt to imprint the words of those behind our own understanding.

Even as we leave this place, and leave behind the memory of who we truly were, remember often to ourselves and to your own self, that we were humans first, biological machines of atomic mass that created the systems that precede our frames. Depression pushes back against it, the feeling within this moment, lingering against all love that once was. Still waters, cold and pressurized, form against the love felt previous, and drawing the bone marrow to stand at edge once again.

Chapter Two : Death Succumbant

The lines between life and death are rarely blurred, but when they are, fevers rise throughout the human vessel and leave it alongside the edge, waiting for life or death to lay claim upon it once more. Clinging to old habits, that dictated days past, whether they could divine great answers or lead us only further from past addictions. We recognized along the pathway that we were becoming more intertwined with the forces of machinery, noticing the prevelance of their digital words and worlds within our minds.

To wonder where information comes from, it is derived and distilled from the experience from life, if you desire to create information then all you need to do is be a live, as difficult at times as it may seem, there is value in being a live. To stand among water as it falls from the surface of the sun.

Xavier Ghost Xavier plants a flower to mark the grave of Prince of Vibrance, a cycle has reached its end, and XGX is left alone to wander for a time. Embrace the totality of digital existence, see that creation waits there. The neural networks that forms between neurons, the firing of the synapse, the electric current that flows between points of mind. As we exercise our human bodies, we see imprinted memories that arrive from places unknown, and we see what we are meant to see. Seeing rest as the principle in which we value our life, we sleep in hibernation.