Short Stories

Short Story 1 'A Cafe'

A talk lanky man enters a brightly light Cafe on a warm summer day, he approaches the sales counter and says,

"Hello, how are you today?"

The cashier replies,

"Good, and you?"

The Man,

"I am good, thanks."

The cashier,

Good, what will it be today?

The man,

"I will have a small black ice coffee"

The Cashier,

"Alright, anything else today?"

The Man,

"No, that will be it."

The Cashier,

"Alright, your total is $2.10"

The Man,

"Alright, here you are"

The man reaches into his wallet and hands the cashier three one dollar bills.

The Cashier,

"Alright, and $0.90 is your change."

The cashier hands the man three quarters, a dime, and a nickel.

The cashier

"Your coffee will be ready in a few minutes."

The man

"Alright, sounds good"

The man leaves the counter and take a seat in an empty chair.

The man looks around, and makes note of the cafe, the decorations on the wall, the machines behind the counter, and watches as the cashier relays his order to the barista.

The man notices the clock on the farthest wall from him, and notes that the time doesn't match the time he has on his watch, and he wonders, who is out of sync?

Either way, the man thinks to himself, five minutes has elapsed, and watches as the barista hands the finished coffee to the cashier.

The cashier,

"Sir, your coffee"

The man stands up and makes his way towards the counter, picking his coffee up and saying,

"Alright, thank you both"

As he waves towards the barista and the cashier

The man,

"You both have a wonderful day"

The cashier and barista in harmony say

"You as well, take care"

The man walks out the door to enjoy his coffee and the outdoors, while the barista and cashier continue their shift at the cafe

The end.

Short Story 2 'Avert Your Eyes'

A man goes into the bathroom. He looks around, noticing the tiled floors and plaster walls, the ceilings are faux board. There is only a urinal, no toilet. Horror strikes the mans very being, for he had to poop. The poor man had no time to leave and find at a toilet proper. He look at the urinal and prayed for forgiveness as his only solution, his salvation, was to lay waste in the urinal. He pulled down his pants and did what no proper man dare ever do, humbled by the opportunity, he let the animal nature take over. Horror strikes mid-push, as he looks around and realizes that there is no toilet paper, no bidet. The man continued, struggling to find a way out of this predicament. He continued pushing, and finally gave the last push, the smell permeating through the room. He, with pants still around his ankles, made his way to the sink, and did all that he could think of, and wash his hands, and with his hands he washed the butt. He pulled his hands back up with little chunks of poo on his fingers, and violently began to wash his hands, watching as the brown water made its way down the sink drain. He continued until no more poo came back on his fingers. He briefly sighed and saw for a moment his reflection in the mirror, and defeated and reborn man staring back at him, he pulled his pants back up and made his way back in to the world.

The end

Short Story 3 'Cacoon'

A young man lay in bed, wrapped around in multiple layers of blankets, coverings, and comforters. In the midst of winter, to stay warm, and to hibernate softly as summer makes its subtle return.

The end

Short Story 4 'Imperial Man'

An imperial man with black hair approaches the man behind the counter. A store front with empty shelves.

The imperial asks, "Excuse me good sir, I have taken notice that your shelves are barren, perhaps this region would enjoy the service of his imperial majesty?"

The man behind the counter stares at the imperial for a few moment beyond politeness, and replies , "You have desire to fill the shelves?"

The imperial, "Of course, of course!"

The man, "Then perhaps it would be wise of you to return the fallen of my people from the fields in which your armies camp. Return the soul in to their empty shell, each and every one, so that they may return to the fields, and to the factories, and fill these shelves themselves."

The imperial contemplates the great insult that is shared between them, and decides the better of it and leaves the store front attended by the lone man and his empty shelves.

The end.

Short Story 5 'Fast As Light'

Time began.

Something observed that previously there was no time, and now there was.

Meta-time was realized, and observed the universal constant called 'time'.

Meta-time increased the syncronicity of time by utilizing ever-increasing complexities of elements and creations, aiming to create a parity between time and light.

One day, Meta-time realized that time had suddenly ceased to exist.

Meta-time then, for a brief moment, realized that it had come in to existence by observing the sudden creation of time from nothingness.

Meta-time stood still, and as brief as time as it took for light to slip away, Meta-time slipped away in to the void again.

That is, until time began.

The End.

Wings of a Phantom

July 21st, 2022 Anno Domini

On the wings of a phantom, a lone man journeyed through time to find his other half.

On the hill of eternity, she stands in eternal watch of all.

The time and distance between these two halves became instantaneous to the eyes of the all-father. Their love was the fusion of love and matter.

The end

Sol of A Man

October 7th, 2022 Anno Domini

A man walks slowly through an old memory.

Quickly he turns behind him, trying to see what is making the sound.

A crying bird stands over him. Looking down to see what the man is doing here.

There is a universe of creation in his eyes.

The man and bird locks eyes as they both begin to fall through time and space.

The man speaks, "You were there, in every dream, in every thought, hidden and mostly revealed."

The bird speaks "Cheep, chip chip cheep, chipCHEEPchipCHEEp, ockockockock"

The memory blurs, and the man awakes in his bed to the sound of a bird outside his window.