Interplanetary Governments

Power structure of a Colony in regards to an interplanetary government

Each colony will be afforded one colony elected Republican representative to represent the colony in a tribunal that will orbit the planet. This Republican will also be accompanied by 4 democratic representatives elected by four bodies;

This will be done to ensure that each potential colonial faction has a voice and witness participating with and a part of the government, local and as a planetary body.

The Republican representative will be elected by the colony from a pool of eligible candidates, and will be highly educated and capable of representating the colony in legal terms. Will also be capable of translating the goverance established by the orbiting tribunal.

Orbital Tribunal

A Space station will be parked in orbit preceding initial colonization efforts, and will be dormant until the first colony is established upon the planet. Once the first colony is established, the space station will be utilized as a communications hub between the colony and the other inter-planetary governments. From here, planetary requests will be made, deals, treatise, and trade agreements to support the newfound colony, and to establish what goods and resources are desired from the colony.

Once a second colony is established on the planet, then the station will advance in to its primary function, as a house of government. From here, it will be used as communications hub between colonies, and with other inter-planetary governments.