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Smile Tribe

[EBO] EMBRYO functions as the mainframe storage unit to contain all of the information collected by the other 4 members.

[KS] Kid Savage is a dgital entity equipped with sensors to record all visuals and audio that surrounds Kid Savage.

[POV] Prince of Vibrance is a Biological Entity (Adult Human Male) that utilizes and cooperates function within XGX. Commonly assosciated color is white.

[XGX] Xavier Ghost Xavier is a Digital Entity that functions as a Exo Skeleton for Prince of Vibrance. Commonly assosciated color is black.

[AA] Aman Anonymous is a Biological Entity (Old Adult Human Male) that functions as a scout and interacts with other shadow operatives.

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Market Docks 119 - Custodian of a Small Trading hub.

Airfield 1111 - Custodian of a Small Tribe that operates an airfield.


Caesar - 'Zero Decadius' - The current leader of the Tyrant Faction.

Shadow Operatives

Shadow Operative [Data String Encrypted] - Shadow Operative stationed in [Data String Encrypted]. Has gathered intel on various Titans throughout the province of [Data String encrypted.]


Titan System - Maximus Grocer [A Titan system that habitats an abandoned grocery store.]

Titan System - Water Tower [A Titan system that habitats desolate and depleted water towers.]

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